AviClear Laser

AviClear Laser

Acne is a universal skin disease, and approximately 50 million American teens and young adults suffer from acne vulgaris. Acne is caused by the sebaceous glands over producing sebum, and bacteria from environmental factors residing on the skin.

Clinical studies have proven that existing treatments for acne are not long-lasting, and some creams and pills present challenging side effects. AviClear is the future of resolving acne breakouts at the source and is a safe, well-tolerated, and a drug-free approach with positive results. After treatment with AviClear, studies show that you produce less oil and acne gets better and stays better.

AviClear is manufactured with pioneering wavelengths targeting and down-regulating sebaceous glands to reduce active acne. It has an intuitive user interface and unique energy delivery to eliminate acne at the source. No need for prescription medications.
Mild to severe acne can now be treated by AviClear which is the first and only FDA-cleared device on the market. Acne is treated at the source by AviClear, and the energy from the device targets and suppresses sebaceous glands. AviClear is safe and effective and designed with patient comfort in mind. AviClear is also enhanced with AviCoolTM contact cooling for safe and optimal treatment.

Acne clearing continues to improve over time after AviClear treatment. The long-term efficacy of this ground-breaking treatment causes current and future breakouts to be short, more infrequent, and less intense following treatment.

AviClear is designed with an innovative wavelength, or the power of laser light, to selectively target the sebaceous glands that cause acne. Once energy is sent to the target site, acne at the source is eliminated. You may only need three 30-minute treatment sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to see clearer and acne-free skin. 87% of patients see at least half their acne breakouts resolved within six months.

AviClear is being made available during 2022. Truth Medspa Denver, CO, is one of the first medspas in Denver to have this innovative acne treatment device.

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Yes. AviClear is the first and only energy device for treating mild to severe acne.

The device is designed for your comfort. The device is used in addition to AviCoolTM contact cooling. The cooling makes it a safe treatment for patients.

The system selectively targets the sebaceous glands to decrease active acne. In addition, AviClear uses unique energy delivery that eliminates acne at the source. As a result, you do not need prescription medications that can have unwanted side effects.

87% of patients who used AviClear experienced a 50% improvement in acne within three months of treatments. Results continue to improve over time after completing treatments.

You will need at least three 30-minute treatments for mild to severe acne. The treatments are spaced at 3–4-week intervals.
AviClear uses a wavelength of laser energy. It treats acne at the source of the breakout to reduce the severity and frequency of breakouts. AviClear is a new method that does not use medications.

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