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TRUTH is more than just a name. It’s our philosophy.

Established in Golden, Colorado in 2019 by two passionate aesthetics industry professionals, TRUTH Med Spa offers clients a clean, comforting environment for all of their skincare and cosmetic needs.

TRUTH’s co-founders bring with them over 15 years of experience and a shared philosophy for client care and a desire to elevate the esthetic experience through exceptional service and innovative techniques. Leveraging their diverse backgrounds and complementary skillset, TRUTH’s transparent team brings a nurturing demeanor in a calming, family style atmosphere.

OUR Team

Sarah Steerman

 Co-Founder and Medical Aesthetician

Sarah Steerman is Co-Founder and Medical Aesthetician of TRUTH Med Spa. Sarah has over 5years of experience in the industry and takes pride in her client service, making sure each and every client has a comfortable experience and leaves happy.

Sarah started her skincare journey in 2013 when she attended the Aveda Institute and earned her Dual Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician certification. After deciding to focus on her true passion, Aesthetics, Sarah….

Samantha Haberkorn


Samantha Haberkorn is the co-founder of TRUTH Med Spa. She has been in the industry and making people feel great about themselves inside and out since 2011, specializing in Medical Aesthetics since 2014. She attended Beautiful You where she went on to teaching her trade to incoming students. She attended Skin Science Institute where she learned her love and passion for all things aesthetics. She has worked under plastic surgeons and doctors crafting her trade…

Alyssa Stevens

Social Media Manager

Alyssa Stevens is TRUTH Med Spas Social Media Manager. She has been a loyal member and cheerleader of TRUTH Med Spa since the beginning. Alyssa has a passion for skin care and skin treatments, so when a position opened to help draw more individuals into TRUTH, she jumped on it….

Nicole Templin


Nicole Templin is a Licensed Aesthetician and is NCEA certified. She takes great pride in making sure every client feels heard while ensuring they reach their goal of feeling more comfortable in their skin. To her, the esthetician journey is about learning and cultivating positive soul warming relationships that make every person in her room feel at ease. Her love of skin started at a young age, watching her mom get ready in the morning. The love and curiosity grew from there throughout…

Dr. Narsete, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Narsete, MD is a retired Plastic Surgeon who practiced in Greenwood Village, CO. Dr. Narsete graduated from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in 1974 and has been in practice for 45 years…

Truth's Mascots

Teddy Bear Haberkorn

Teddy Bear Haberkorn, most commonly known as Bear, BearBear, Buttmunch, ScaredyBear, Wildboy, Stickboy, Pondboy, Sandyboy, Stinkyboy….the list goes on.

Bear is the perfect mix of wild, snuggly and adventurous. His love for the outdoors surpasses that for his own mother. His favorite activity is to romp in the snow and bury his face in it, or harass the wildlife at the pond. He’s brave in the wild, but a Scaredy Bear in the house. You would never guess his bravery from his fear of hardwood floors, the beep of the microwave, and farts.

Deuce and Remy

Deuce, also known as doodie butt, is the happiest pibble you will ever meet! The joy this kid gets from being outside and running around will bring you so much happiness. Unless you have a dog with you, he will most likely walk the other way. Deuce is the biggest water baby, and it is the cutest thing seeing him swim! He has gotten so good!  If he isn’t begging to eat, or to go outside he will lay all 80 pounds right on top of you for a cuddle sesh.

Remy, one of the most needy cats, was a quarantine baby! She was born on a farm and lived outside until we found her at about 7 weeks old! She lives for staring out the window and trying to sneak out the door. (if she had her way she would be an indoor outdoor cat) She loves to run around the house with whatever she knocks off the counter, but also loves to cuddle her big brother, Deuce! She hates when you pet her and she doesn’t ask for it. She will clean herself entirely before finding another place to sleep!

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