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Microneedling is one of the best and least invasive ways to rejuvenate skin, improving it from the inside out through the process known as collagen induction therapy. At TRUTH Med Spa, we use the Dr. Pen Microneedling System, one of the most trusted tools for microneedling.

Microneedling can safely and effectively treat a wide range of skin imperfections, such as

While microneedling is used primarily on the face, it has also been shown to be effective on the neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and abdomen. You can discuss these treatment options with TRUTH Med Spa during your consultation.

A typical microneedling treatment with the Dr. Pen Micro-needling System involves moving the automated device slowly across specific areas of the skin. A single-use, sterile application tip contains several tiny needles that penetrate the skin at optimum levels. Through nearly invisible punctures in the skin, this treatment stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and promotes the production of essential skin building blocks, including collagen and elastin.

AnteAGE Microneedling Solution

Perfect add on to any Microneeding procedure. AnteAGE Microneedling Solution contains growth factors and cytokines derived from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the special cells that scientists have determined are responsible for commanding and controlling healing in all injured tissues. Hyaluronic acid promotes re-hydration and volume enhancement by providing lubrication as well as being a powerful humectant. The AnteAGE products do not contain any cells (they are removed during ultrafiltration, the final step in the laboratory culture process).


Microneedling is a popular procedure that uses tiny needles to pierce your skin. Those tiny wounds promote the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, which helps heal damaged skin and make you look younger!

A course of nine Microneedling treatments is recommended. The treatments will be spaced out every two to six weeks during that time. How many sessions you need and how long between them depends on the type and location of your skin concern.

Microneedling can be long-lasting if properly maintained. Depending on how you want your skin to look, you can repeat the treatment every four or six weeks.

Microneedling increases collagen production by stimulating your skin. Pinpricks cause skin injury during the procedure, and the skin responds by producing collagen. The new skin tissue has a smoother texture and tone as a result.

After microneedling, the body usually takes 24 hours to heal. In some cases, however, it may take two to three days, depending on the extent of the treatment and how quickly your skin recovers. After this procedure, you can return to work immediately and wear makeup within 48 hours.

It is normal to need follow-up treatment after the first round of treatments, which will last four to six weeks. Approximately eight to twelve weeks after the initial treatment has ended, you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment!

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