Botox or Dysport: Which One Is Right for You?

Botox or Dysport Which One Is Right for You

As we age, we do gain not only wisdom and experience but also wrinkles and fine lines. Being wise about life may make you content and happy as you are equipped with the essential tool for overcoming some of life’s crises. But, you may not be pleased with the physical manifestations of age on your face. In this blog, we will discuss Truth Dysport and Botox and explain each, so you will know which injectable is better for your needs.

Botox or Dysport?

It may be challenging to decide which of the two injectables may benefit you more. Botox and Dysport share plenty of similarities as they are both muscle relaxants. Still, there are also differences that set the two apart from each other.

Consequently, both Botox and Dysport may suit your needs. You may have facial problems that are treated more effectively with Botox. There are also other concerns that Dysport deals with better. Nevertheless, you may choose to use both alternatively to show the results longer.

The differences between Botox and Dysport

Neurotoxin. Probably the most significant difference between the two would be the neurotoxin formula used in each injectable. Dysport uses ABO molecules that are more appropriate for mild facial concerns yet stretched in larger surface areas. On the other hand, Botox uses ONA molecules which can treat deeper folds and large muscles better. 

Since ONA molecules are larger in dimension than OBA molecules, the doses used in Botox and Dysport are different. We in Truth Med Spa can help you decide which formula is better for targeting your skin concerns.

Speed in terms of results. Another difference between the two would be the rate of the results showing. Typically, Dysport shows results faster since ABO molecules are small and can attach themselves to muscle receptors more quickly. Thus, they can block muscle activity faster. Once injected with Dysport, you can see the results within 24 hours. 

On the other hand, Botox shows results slower. Results of Botox injection can be seen within two to three days. However, just because Dysport shows results faster, it does not mean that it would be the better bet between the two. One Dysport session may not be enough to get your ideal appearance, especially if your wrinkles and fine lines are severe.

Spread rate. ABO molecules in Dysport spread throughout the concerned area more quickly than ONA molecules used in Botox. ABO molecules also tend to travel faster. In case you want to treat a smaller area such as crow’s feet, Dysport may not be ideal as it can spread to other areas outside the treatment area. Consequently, Dysport may be more fitting for larger areas such as the forehead.

Overview of the Injectables

You may have already been familiar with Botox as it is the most commonly referred to by many. It became a household name to the point that people often refer to all injectables as Botox. This injectable also has the ability to treat both medical and cosmetic concerns, living up to its reputation as a quality neurotoxin.

On the other hand, Dysport may be a new name for you. But, it may be helpful to know that Dysport, just like Botox, is also FDA-approved to treat folds and wrinkles. To learn more about these muscle relaxants, here are some things you might want to know.


Botox is the first injectable that the FDA approved to treat dynamic facial wrinkles. This injectable is derived from the neurotoxin of a bacteria that hampers the communication between the muscles and brain. Botox was first designed to treat droopy eyelids but can now be used for other concerns such as gummy smiles and glabellar lines.


Dysport also uses the same neurotoxin as Botox. However, only the formula is different. Dysport’s process of treating your skin concerns is also similar to how Botox treatment is done. But Dysport is a much better option for mild cosmetic problems.

At the end of the day, Botox and Dysport are very similar. It can be compared to choosing between two brands of pasta. Here at Truth Med Spa, we can help you choose the injectable that suits your goals better.

Benefits of Botox and Dysport

Since you have been eyeing Botox and Dysport for a while, you may have also been curious about the benefits that they bring to your skin. Here are some of them:

  • You will feel more confident with your youthful and fresher skin.
  • You can have wrinkle-free skin in no time.
  • You will feel and look stress-free.
  • You will look more relaxed.
  • You can have a natural-looking glow.
  • You can get the treatment for as short as 30 minutes.
  • You can schedule the treatment at your own convenience.
  • There is minimal preparation and downtime required.
  • You can get youthful-looking skin safely because the injectables are FDA-approved.
  • The treatment is comfortable for most people.
  • You can incorporate other treatments along with Botox or Dysport as they are compatible with other cosmetic treatments.
  • Muscle relaxants are easy to maintain. You just have to set appointments every three to four months to maintain optimal results.
Who can undergo the treatment?

If you have concerns about dynamic wrinkles and are generally healthy, you are most probably fit to do the treatment. However, contraindications of using these muscle relaxants still exist. For example, you may not be fit for this treatment if you are pregnant, nursing, or have allergies or infections. Best if you inform the aesthetician about your current health conditions to ensure that there will be no complications upon administration of the treatment.

The Verdict: Botox or Dysport

Whether you choose Botox or Dysport for your skin, both these muscle relaxants have been proven to excellently address signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, folds, and sagging skin. With Truth Med Spa’s guidance on these things, you can definitely ensure that you will go back to your youthful self in no time. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to know more about the injectables.


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