What is Aviclear LASER , and how does it work?

What is Aviclear LASER , and how does it work

Acne can range from mild to severe, and AviClear is a laser treatment that can treat all levels. This innovative laser, which was developed by Cutera and is the first of its type, has been proven to improve acne that already exists while also reducing the severity, duration, and frequency of future outbreaks of the condition.

A sticky block that clogs pores and gives rise to many forms of blemishes, including pimples and whiteheads, is formed when excess sebum, which is an oily substance, gathers dead skin cells and debris from the surface of the skin. Acne is characterized by a variety of lesions, including pustules, papules, nodules, and cysts, which are caused by inflammation of the pores brought on by bacteria that reside in the sebaceous glands.

The wavelength of 1726 nanometers used by AviClear selectively targets and warms the skin’s sebaceous glands, which in turn suppresses the glands’ normal production of sebum.

Because of the accuracy of the CuteraAviClear laser and the built-in cooling function, it is guaranteed that the sebaceous glands are the only structures that will be harmed by the laser energy, while the nearby structures will be spared. Because of this, the procedure is appropriate for people of all skin tones.

A set of three monthly AviClear treatments is what the experts recommend getting for the greatest possible outcomes. Each treatment session lasts for thirty minutes and is followed by very little to no downtime.

What are the positives and drawbacks of AviClear?


  • AviClear is effective in treating both present acne and helping to prevent future outbreaks by inhibiting the sebaceous glands that are responsible for oil production and release.
  • It has been demonstrated that the AviClear laser is effective in treating all forms and severity levels of acne in people of all ages.
  • Because it utilizes contact-cooling technology, the therapy is completely risk-free for people of all different skin tones.
  • The treatment with AviClear is tolerable in terms of discomfort. Patients have reported that the feeling is similar to a rubber band popping against the skin, as is the case with other types of lasers and light-based devices. In the clinical trial, none of the participants required any topical anesthetic because they were able to withstand the treatment.
  • The entire process doesn’t take more than half an hour at the most.
  • The AviClear laser has very little to no downtime, and it requires no aftercare other than the application of sunscreen, so you may immediately return to your regular activities following the procedure.
  • AviClear provides patients with an alternative therapy option for acne, such as isotretinoin (Accutane) and oral antibiotics, both of which can come with a far higher risk of more severe adverse effects.
  • The results of using AviClear appear to be long-lasting since some of the people who participated in the study reported having clear skin for up to two years after completing the suggested course of therapy.
  • The treatment has a high percentage of patient satisfaction, with 87% of participants in the clinical trial stating that they were either “pleased” or “extremely satisfied” with the healing in their skin.
  • A reduction in the amount of acne scarring that is left behind is one of the many benefits of treating active acne and avoiding further outbreaks.


  • AviClear, which is performed as a laser operation in an office setting, has a far higher price tag than acne treatments that can be done at home, including prescription drugs.
  • You will need a set of three treatments in order to achieve the greatest benefits, and you may want further treatments at some point in the future in order to keep your AviClear results.
  • Although this may occur in some people immediately following the first treatment with AviClearacne, it typically goes away once the second or third treatment has been completed.
  • For the time being, the AviClear handpiece is only intended to be used for treating the face. It is not possible to utilize the gadget anywhere else on the body, including the back or chest.

Does AviClear actually works?

Because the gadget has only recently become available in medical clinics, there are not many AviClear reviews from patients yet; however, the findings of the studies look to be quite encouraging.

Eighty percent of individuals who were treated with AviClear and had moderate to severe acne saw at least the majority of their acne lesions disappear by three months following their third monthly treatment period in a research that was funded by the firm. The study involved 104 patients. Eighty-seven percent of patients said that at least half of their acne was cleared up six months following their final treatment.

In addition, individuals with moderate to severe acne reported, on average, a 93% reduction in deep nodules six months after starting treatment. Deep nodules are typically exceedingly difficult to treat.

In addition, the following outbreaks of acne were much shorter, with fewer and less severe lesions than before.

During the course of the clinical studies, there were no serious adverse events recorded.

What should you expect during an acne treatment with AviClear?

An AviClear treatment typically lasts for thirty minutes, and here is what you should anticipate during that time.

  • It is recommended that men shave the morning before their treatment.
  • After you have washed your face, your physician will use an acetone wipe to remove any grease or oil from the treatment area. Because patients who habitually use topical retinoids are more likely to have redness that lasts throughout the day, healthcare practitioners will typically request that you refrain from using your retinoid for a couple of days before your AviClear treatment.
  • No numbing cream is applied because doing so can raise the likelihood of problems. Since oil is what the laser is after, topical anesthetics, which often contain oil and are difficult to remove completely, are good candidates for treatment. When using the laser, it is best to do it on skin that is clear of dirt and oil.
  • Your healthcare professional will apply damp gauze pads to cover your entire face. 
  • Just before the laser passes through the area, the gauze is cut away, part by section. Only one pass may be necessary for certain portions of the face, while other trouble spots can require two. For example, the upper lip and the forehead are typically areas of the face that are more sensitive to the effects of the laser than other parts of the face.
  • You should be good to go as soon as you have applied sunscreen immediately after the treatment.

Make an appointment at https://truthmedspa.biz/ if you are interested in learning more about the acne laser treatment AviClear or if you would like to book a consultation to determine whether or not AviClear is the right treatment for you.


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